Treat yourself to a diffused and fragrant blend of tuberose and vanilla, perfect for the festivities.


Our History

Senseherbs is the best destination for fragrance products. Pamper yourself to the best home fragrances and feel relaxed to the aroma candles. Our every luxuriously textured product is finished by hand. Senseherbs is known for its unique fragrances which are eclectic, evocative, and subtle. We strive for customer satisfaction and hence all our products can be customized according to your specific needs. Our signature blends are natural aromas and layered with scent notes that truly set them apart.

The collections are evolving and ever-changing with seasonal colors, styles, and trends and we always offer something new and unique for aroma lovers. It is our steady endeavor and exertion to present the most recent trends in scents and the most inventive products in our portfolio to convey a genuinely sensorial and rich experience to our customers in aroma candles.